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YunGO - Cheap International Calls is an application with which you can make international calls all over the world in a cheap and convenient way, avoiding the big bills that come from your telephone company.

This social network's interface is very simple and is designed for all kinds of users, no matter whether they are used to these kinds of tools or have never used an application of this kind. YunGO - Cheap International Calls is divided into various parts: contacts, messages, dialing, call history, and profile. To call someone, all you have to do is find them in your address book or dial the person's number.

With this app, you can get a virtual number for more than 20 countries and receive international SMS at cheaper rates. Check your credit directly from your profile and manage your calls in a simple way. One of the biggest advantages of YunGO is that all calls between registered users on this app are totally free, which is also true for messages.

From this app, you can share content, locations, and messages, all with a high-quality transfer. To stay informed on the latest rates at any point in time, just check the application's page.